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Anime Club ends

KC Green’s Anime Club webcomic has come to an end, so you should be over there reading it from start to finish. It’s in five parts, with the sixth being an early ending for April fools day.

KC is one of my favourite webcomic artists at the moment (and I’m signed up to a lot of comic RSS feeds). His jokes are often brilliant, although on the dark side, and even when they’re not the artwork is great. The guy really knows how to draw expressions. His longer stuff like the Anime Club also show his ability to tell a good story.

There’s more KC at, which is his current project, or at, which is now finished.


The Perry Bible Fellowship webcomic unexpectedly updated this morning/late last night with this. Exciting stuff, because there’s been nothing new on there for ages. If you’re unfamiliar with PBF go and have a look at some of the comics on there. It’s pretty dark humour, but hilarious if you’re into that kind of thing. Nicholas Gurewitch is a great artist too.