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Let’s Play Home

My friend OzzyJ88 and I recently recorded our first (blind) let’s play. We picked Home, which is a horror adventure game done in a 2D pixely side-scrolling style. It has an interesting gameplay mechanic in which it keeps asking you yes or no questions and uses your choices to create the backstory. Anyway, you can watch our play-through below:

More Minecraft Movies

Despite starting work on our next Minecraft video 7 months ago (and promising it within the week 3 months ago) we only just finished it. Hopefully it was worth the wait, and you even get to hear what my voice sounds like. So without further ado: Nether Again

So far we’ve got nowhere near the number of views we got for The Yawning Dark, though it’s 100% liked. I guess we need to get it noticed up by some big website.

I’ve created a section for our Minecraft videos over on the Movies page.

Minecraft Movies

Following my grand tradition of posting about things months after they were relevant, some friends and I made a couple of movies using Minecraft.

Our main piece was called “The Yawning Dark: A Minecraft Tale” and turned out to be fairly popular (over 13,000 views at time of writing).

And here’s the ‘pilot’ we made first to see if Minecraft videos were feasible.

If you like us, subscribe to japanesetreadmillcat on Youtube. We’re working on another movie at the moment.

Also I have another game almost nearly finished. That means I think it’ll be done in a week or two, but it’ll probably end up being done in a month or two. Anyway, stay tuned.


I really have to figure out how to make this blog wider. Can’t even fit Youtube videos in it.

Updated my theme to something a bit wider. Still playing around with the colours, but it looks a lot better already.

Runaway – not a road adventure

A few days ago I got an email from someone who had stumbled across this post that I made on the AGS forums about an adventure game called Runaway – or Monkey Run? – by a German group called Pixel Team (not to be confused with the later Runaway adventure games by Péndulo Studios).

I’ve got a demo of this game from a CD collection and it has always intrigued me because although it’s rather buggy and has an awful interface, it also has several nice touches that seem to have had a lot of thought put into them. I spent a few free evenings recording videos and trying desperately to remember how to complete it (which I’m sure I’ve done, or nearly did).

I couldn’t figure it out, so here’s a video of the first puzzle to show a bit of the game in action instead.

Unfortunately I have not been able to find much out about this game (especially as searches for “Runaway” and “adventure game” find the Péndulo games), so I’m fairly sure it never got beyond this demo. If you have any more information I’d love to hear it.

The demo was released as shareware, so if you fancy playing it I’ve uploaded a copy here. It works fine under Windows XP using DOS-Box. If you manage to get into the keeper’s house (which I think is the next step from where I’m stuck) let me know how because I really can’t remember how I did it last time! If I manage to get much further I might put up a full playthrough.

Tip for playing:
When picking up items you can click the ‘Pick Up’ option, then the item. With the other interactions you generally have to click on the place you want to interact with, *then* click the verb…