Something old

I’ve had Sam and Max Hit the Road since probably around the time it came out, and I only discovered today that you can play it in black and white by pressing the ‘B’ key during play. Huh.

You can also turn on ‘dummy verb mode’ by pressing the ‘V’ key, which labels the actions in your inventory. If I recall the manual there’s also supposed to be built in screensavers, but I’ve yet to see them.

Comic: Birdsong

Another comic, this one slightly better drawn. Click the image below for the full thing.

I need a way of constantly displaying images at their original widths. At the moment when they go over the maximum width of this area they get squashed which is clever but looks rubbish. The maximum width is 500-and-something pixels, which isn’t really wide enough to draw a comic in. Not been able to find which bit of WordPress is responsible for this yet.