The Search for Oceanspirit Dennis – source code and resource pack released

The Search for Oceanspirit Dennis

Want to see just how messy my code gets when I have too much to do and a fast approaching deadline? Well good news, because you can now download the source code in all its sparsely-commented glory!

Want to make your own Oceanspirit Dennis game, but need some resources to get you started? Don’t want to have to extract them from someone else’s project? Well then grab the resource pack instead, and you’ll get all the art in nice friendly .png files. Some of the backgrounds even have the original Photoshop file, so you can mess around with layers and things. There’s even a few sound effects in there!

The source code can be downloaded here.
The resource pack can be downloaded here.
If you never quite got around to playing The Search for Oceanspirit Dennis, you can download it for free from this page.