Feed fixed. Again.

I moved my website between servers a while back which resulted in some slightly changed file paths. I remembered to change some Blogger details, but missed the feeds and archive paths. Because I post so regularly it’s only taken me a month to notice. Whoops!

Anyway, everything should be up and running again.

Also Eegra linked this video yesterday. It’s both hilarious and sweet.

MAGS April 2009 Finished

Well ok it was over days ago but I’ve been busy recently. There were three entries in total, but my entry, Breakout, managed to secure the most votes. This means I get pick June’s competition rules – this month is special because it marks the 5th anniversary of Klaus being the MAGS host.

I’ll write a more lengthy ‘The Making Of Breakout’ type entry at some point which might interest some people. Stay tuned and thanks for your votes!