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Anime Club ends

KC Green’s Anime Club webcomic has come to an end, so you should be over there reading it from start to finish. It’s in five parts, with the sixth being an early ending for April fools day.

KC is one of my favourite webcomic artists at the moment (and I’m signed up to a lot of comic RSS feeds). His jokes are often brilliant, although on the dark side, and even when they’re not the artwork is great. The guy really knows how to draw expressions. His longer stuff like the Anime Club also show his ability to tell a good story.

There’s more KC at, which is his current project, or at, which is now finished.


The Perry Bible Fellowship webcomic unexpectedly updated this morning/late last night with this. Exciting stuff, because there’s been nothing new on there for ages. If you’re unfamiliar with PBF go and have a look at some of the comics on there. It’s pretty dark humour, but hilarious if you’re into that kind of thing. Nicholas Gurewitch is a great artist too.

Runaway – not a road adventure

A few days ago I got an email from someone who had stumbled across this post that I made on the AGS forums about an adventure game called Runaway – or Monkey Run? – by a German group called Pixel Team (not to be confused with the later Runaway adventure games by Péndulo Studios).

I’ve got a demo of this game from a CD collection and it has always intrigued me because although it’s rather buggy and has an awful interface, it also has several nice touches that seem to have had a lot of thought put into them. I spent a few free evenings recording videos and trying desperately to remember how to complete it (which I’m sure I’ve done, or nearly did).

I couldn’t figure it out, so here’s a video of the first puzzle to show a bit of the game in action instead.

Unfortunately I have not been able to find much out about this game (especially as searches for “Runaway” and “adventure game” find the Péndulo games), so I’m fairly sure it never got beyond this demo. If you have any more information I’d love to hear it.

The demo was released as shareware, so if you fancy playing it I’ve uploaded a copy here. It works fine under Windows XP using DOS-Box. If you manage to get into the keeper’s house (which I think is the next step from where I’m stuck) let me know how because I really can’t remember how I did it last time! If I manage to get much further I might put up a full playthrough.

Tip for playing:
When picking up items you can click the ‘Pick Up’ option, then the item. With the other interactions you generally have to click on the place you want to interact with, *then* click the verb…

Feed fixed. Again.

I moved my website between servers a while back which resulted in some slightly changed file paths. I remembered to change some Blogger details, but missed the feeds and archive paths. Because I post so regularly it’s only taken me a month to notice. Whoops!

Anyway, everything should be up and running again.

Also Eegra linked this video yesterday. It’s both hilarious and sweet.

Blogging begins…

Well… not exactly, but this is the first post that I haven’t had written somewhere before. So welcome, I guess! I’ve got quite a few things to write about already, but I think I need to get a little bit of momentum going first.

Now might be a good time to mention that I also occasionally do a bit of writing over at the Wii Disagree blog. I say occasionally, at the moment its been just over four months since I put anything up there. Hmm, really ought to do something. Anyway, Wii Disagree is a more general gaming blog whereas I intend to cover my game-making and other projects, site updates and possibly more personal miscellaneous topics here. There might be a little overlap, but probably not much, so its worth following both if you’re into those kind of things.

See you around!