Film thoughts: Room

Room is the story of an abducted mother and her 5 year old son Jack, living together in her kidnapper’s shed which is the only place Jack has even known.

With those themes Room sounds like it could be a deeply harrowing affair, and there are definitely some unpleasant moments, but Room tells its story from the son’s point of view and chooses instead to focus on the love they have for each other and Jack’s innocent experiences of his world.

By its nature Room is a tight, focused film and depends heavily on its main characters. Brie Larson as the mother is fantastic, but I was most impressed with Jacob Tremblay as Jack who delivers an amazingly believable performance, especially for such a young actor.

I didn’t really know anything beyond the setup for the plot, and not knowing where the film might be going really added a lot to the experience for me, so I don’t want to go into much more detail. Suffice it to say Room goes some interesting places and tackles some deep topics in a careful and moving manner. A really great movie.

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